Terms & Conditions

We are a nationwide brand and recommend a retail price of wholesale x 2.5. 
We are totally fine with private discounts on your side, but prefer price tags and web pricing at wholesale x 2.5. 

  •    First time purchase: C.C. payment before we ship.
  •    Ongoing:  C.C. payment before we ship or Net 30 check

The customer is responsible for shipping fee

We accept the return within 1 year after you purchased. Only we can accept if it’s unused, original condition with original tag.
We will create store credit for return items and you can use the credit for your next shopping.
The customer is responsible for return shipping fee.
Pick Box & Trunk Show
  •   Pick box: Return in 1week after you received and invoice after the return. 
  •   Trunk Show: Return right after the show ends and invoice you 50% of retail price not 40% (wholesale) after the return.  
       We can help your Trunk Show announcement to our retail customers from Newsletter and Website.   

Return Address
Mieko Mintz Studio
30 Vandam St #4B
New York, NY10013

Check Payment Mailing Address
Mieko Mintz LLC
77 River St #1 Hoboken, NJ 07030